Making a Commitment

Making a Commitment

We're so grateful that you're interested in supporting St. Paul and our mission to Glorify God, Grow in Faith, and Give in Love. Your commitment helps us to make our budget and determine what resources we will have available as we plan our work for the Lord and determine how far our ministries will reach. 

To make a commitment, fill out this form.

2019 Commitment Card
2019 Commitment Card

Thank you for supporting St. Paul and our mission to Glorify God, Grow in Faith and Give in Love.

Please note that these commitments are made to the budget of St. Paul. Donations that are earmarked for specific ministries receive tax credit, but do not count towards fulfillment of commitment.



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Yes! We Will support St. Paul in 2019.

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Fulfilling Your Commitment

We offer several ways to fulfill your commitment. 

Cash or Check
Please make sure you identify yourself on the envelope or on the check so that St. Paul can provide a record for tax purposes. Your gifts may be placed in the weekly worship offering plate (envelopes are provided in the pews) or you may mail it to the church. (1199 Highland Avenue. Largo, FL 33770)

Appreciated Stock
Stocks or other securities are a welcome gift. Many members have found the tax savings make this an ideal way to fulfill your commitment. For more information contact the church office.

Electronic Funds Transfer
Electronic Funds Transfer allows you to reinforce your commitment to give your tithes and offerings to God first, before anything else. One easy step each year guarantees that the church will receive your gifts on a regular basis, even if you are out of town or forget. To establish electronic funds transfer you will receive a call from the church office to complete an authorization form.

Online Giving
St. Paul offers a secure online system for debit or credit card contributions. For recurring contributions, we will charge your card on the day/frequency you request when you set up the account. To use this, visit the giving page of our website. 

If you have any questions, please contact us at our church office.