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Pastor Appreciation

10.25.18 | News | Give in Love

    Five Ways You Can Appreciate Your Pastors All Year Long 

    Pray for your pastors and their families.

    Pastors have a huge responsibility to “shepherd the flock.” Pray for protection, for guidance, for wisdom, for provision, and for anything else that will encourage and support your pastors. 

    Bring people with you to church.

    A pastor cannot grow the church by themselves. You, as a member, are also a minister. Take opportunities to invite people from your circle of influence! 

    Participate in and support the ministries of the church. 

    Pastors often feel like they are “Lone Rangers” in the effort. Remember, as a Christian, you also have a calling to serve. Show your pastors that you are "All In" by being an active part of the life of the church. 

    Send you pastors an appreciation card or gift. 

    Pastors are often exhausted after a weekend of teaching and dealing with ministry matters. A small recognition goes a long way to boost their morale and spirit. You also send an encouraging email! Pastors often hear criticisms more loudly than support, so take a moment to let your pastors know what they're doing right! 

    Email Pastor Bob   Email Pastor Pam

    Let your pastors know how they have affected you and your family.

    Pastors often think their teaching and leadership are happening in a vacuum. Let them know how they have impacted you and that God is using them to minister to you and your family.