Facility Rental Policies

Our facility rental policies and available rooms and pricing are listed below. Please read through these policies before submitting a room request.



Latest end time 9:00 pm

Latest clean up time 9:30 pm


Earliest set up time 1:00 pm

Earliest start time 2:00 pm


Latest end time 5:30 pm

Latest clean up time 6:00 pm


  • Custodians are required during ALL events, for the entire event. They are responsible for unlocking and locking the facilities, removing trash, responding to maintenance emergencies, and mopping the kitchen floor if used. The hourly cost for custodian is $25/hour.
  • Caterers are subject to approval & insurance.
  • Fee for Kitchen Full Use is required when using the kitchen to cook, prepare, stage or serve food.
  • If St. Paul’s Audio and/or Visual equipment is being used, St. Paul’s AV Tech must be present. Our AV Tech is required for the entire event, including a half hour before and after the event for setup and teardown.


Submission of this Facility Use Request form does not guarantee that your booking will be secure.  A $100 non-refundable deposit is required upon submission of the Facility Use Request form, to secure the date.  It is part of the room fee and once paid, it will be reflected in your final bill. 


  • Final payment is due one week before your event, during regular business hours (Monday-Thursday: 9AM-5PM), unless other arrangements have been made. 
  • The submission of the Facility Use Agreement form is also due two weeks prior to your event. 

Failure to submit your final payment and agreement form can result in cancellation of your event. 


Please submit your desired floorplan and any audio/visual needs no later than two weeks prior to your event, to provide our staff sufficient notice for planning purposes.  If your floorplan or A/V needs are submitted after this time frame we cannot guarantee that our staff can set up or provide any A/V support or setup support.

Room Pricing and Capacities 

Room Available Set-Ups and Max Capacity Pricing
LuAnne Willey Fellowship Hall & Stage

Rounds of 8: 400

Theater: 600

$750.00 for first 5 hrs, $80 for every hr after
Mariposa Cafe 13 Tables: 52 $150.00 for first 5 hrs, $15 for every hr after
D-101 (Carpenter’s Room)   

Theater: 50

Semr Tables/Square: 26

$110.00 for first 5 hrs, $10 for every hr after
D-201 (Community Room)   

Theater: 100

Semr Tables/Chrs: 66

Semr Tables/Square: 30  

$110.00 for first 5 hrs, $10 for every hr after
D-202 (TNT Room)           Lounge: 18            $85.00 for 5 hrs, $5 for every hr after
D-204         Semr Tables/Chrs: 25 $85.00 for 5 hrs, $5 for every hr after
D-205 Semr Tables/Chrs: 25 $85.00 for 5 hrs, $5 for every hr after
D-206 Semr Tables/Chrs: 25 $85.00 for 5 hrs, $5 for every hr after
D-207  Lounge Set-Up:12 $85.00 for 5 hrs, $5 for every hr after
D-212 (Arts & Crafts Room) 

Theater: 130

Semr Tables/Square: 48

$110.00 for first 5 hrs, $10 for every hr after
D-211 (Conference Room)    Large Conf. Table: 12 $50.00 for first 5 hrs
D-200 (Corner Conf. Room)      Large Conf. Table: 10 $50.00 for first 5 hrs
Student Room         

Theater: 82

Lounge: 37

$150.00 for first 5 hrs, $15 for every hr after
Gymnasium N/A $175.00 for first 2 hours, $75/hr after
Nursery N/A $10.00 per hour


St. Paul has the following resources available for your event. Use of St. Paul audio/visual equipment requires an St. Paul A/V tech at the cost of $20/hour (2 hour minimum).  Some equipment also requires additional fees which are listed below.

  • Sound Hookup/ipod
  • Laptop Hookup
  • Small Podium
  • Podium w/ Mic
  • Stand Mic
  • Wireless Mic
  • TV
  • VCR
  • DVD Player
  • Easel
  • Sound Cart (at discretion of St. Paul UMC)
  • Easel with paper: $10
  • LCD Projector and Screen: $150
  • Kitchen Full Use: $250
  • Kitchen Serving Line Only: $100
  • A/V Tech Hourly Fee: $20 (2 hour minimum)
  • REQUIRED Custodian Hourly Fee: $25