Sunday Morning

At 9:00 and 10:30 a.m. students are encouraged to attend worship with friends or family OR serve on our technical team. Positions are available to assist with live stream, camera operation, worship software, and much more. Contact the Director of Worship Arts if you are interested.


Sunday Night

At 5:30 p.m., students are invited to join us in the Mariposa Cafe for dinner. Dinner is $3. Students must pre-register for dinner by the Wednesday before by filling out the online form. Students can pay for dinner on Sunday by cash or check.


The group then branches out to the Student Room, the gym or the Fellowship Hall for group games, exciting crowd breakers, passionate worship, biblical teaching, and a chance to connect with others through Source Groups. Time together ends at 8:00 p.m.


Series Graphic - The ChaseCurrent Series: The Chase

We’re all chasing something in life—including your students. However, what they may not realize is that when we choose to chase one thing, it often means we have to stop chasing something else. The same is true when it comes to following Jesus. In this series, we want to help students see that in order to truly chase after Him, we have to stop chasing some other things along the way. 

January 5: Chasing Jesus means not chasing performance. 
January 12: Chasing Jesus starts with a Step. 
January 20: Chasing Jesus means sharing Him with them. 
January 26: Middle School Pizza Party

The high school group will not meet due to the retreat. The middle school group will meet at the Price home for a pizza night from 6-8 PM. Contact Alison for the address.



On the first Sunday of each month from January through April, we invite fifth, eighth and twelfth graders to experience worship at the next age level.

  • Fifth graders are invited to join the Student Ministry for dinner, worship, games and small groups.
  • Eighth graders have the chance to do activities with the high schoolers.
  • High school seniors have the chance to visit our TNT group for 18-30s after Student Worship.

Click here to download an XPerience Sunday flyer for more information.