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Return to Church Guidelines

06.22.20 | News | Children | Glorify God | Grow in Faith | Adult Ministry | Give in Love | Announcements

    Thank you to everyone who responded to our surveys! Your responses have been a great help as we plan for our reopening, and we’re excited to be moving toward a return to worshiping together as a church family. The safety of our attendees, volunteers, and staff will remain our highest priority, so we are implementing new health and safety protocols and other changes shared below. We are all figuring this out together, so we ask for your patience and understanding as we strive to protect all the members of our worship community.



    Location IconLOCATION

    When we return, we will worship in the Christian Life Enrichment Center (CLEC) where spaced seating, a larger lobby, and multiple larger restrooms will make it easier for us to follow social distancing.



    reservation iconRESERVATIONS

    We will have a limited number of seats available, so for a time, we will use a reservation system. Making a reservation in advance will ensure that we have a seat for you in worship. You can find the RSVP link on our website and app. Reservations for each Sunday open the previous Sunday afternoon.



    Times iconWORSHIP TIMES

    Our 10:30 AM band led worship time will be moved to 11 AM to allow more time for cleaning and sanitizing between services.

    Our traditional service will remain at 9 AM. 

    The new safety measures that we’re implementing will mean it takes a bit longer to enter the building and be seated, so when possible, please arrive early for the first service. 


    Worship IconWORSHIP

    Our services will be designed to be as touchless as possible by holding doors open, eliminating paper bulletins and hymnals, and using offering collection boxes before or after worship instead of passing the plate.

    Several studies have shown that singing creates a higher risk for the spread of the virus, but singing and music are an important part of how we worship God together. So that we can continue to connect to the Holy Spirit through music, our worship leaders will sing while the rest of us will express our love of God by humming, clapping, dancing, raising our hands, etc. instead of singing.


    Icon ParkingPARKING

    Our Highland entrance will be the only drive thru drop-off location for those who have difficulty with mobility. If you’re able to walk easily, we ask that you love your neighbor by parking in the spaces furthest from the CLEC to allow our friends who have trouble walking to park closest to the building. The door on the office side of the building (Rosery entrance) will be closed during worship starting in February.



    Wellness IconWELLNESS

    Anyone who is sick, coughing, has a sore throat, or a fever is asked to remain home. We’re committed to continuing to provide worship online, so anyone who needs to remain at home whether due to illness, being in a vulnerable group, or other reasons can still join us in worship. 

    As we enter the building we will use no-touch thermometers to take everyone’s temperatures. Anyone with a temperature of 100.4 or higher will need to return home where you can worship with us online.

    Everyone will wear a cloth or disposable mask. If you don’t have a mask, we’ll provide one to you. If you’re unable to wear a mask, we ask that you continue to worship with us from home until masks are no longer needed.

    Everyone who enters the building must sanitize their hands with provided hand sanitizer, unless a health condition prevents it.



    Individuals or families will maintain social distancing in the fellowship hall and common areas. Everyone will need to wait to be seated by our ushers, who will place those who are living in the same household in seats together, and maintain 6 feet of distance between those who are not living together.

    Only our ushers will be able to move chairs or rearrange seating.

    We are all looking forward to seeing each other again and will naturally want to give each other hugs or handshakes; but during this season we will greet each other with smiles and waves that maintain 6 feet of social distancing. 

    When leaving worship, we will wait to be directed by the ushers and use the specific exits they guide us to, so we can avoid creating bottlenecks and maintain social distancing.


    children iconCHILDREN

    Children’s Ministry and nursery are available during in person worship. Click here to view our children's social distancing guidelines.  If kids aren't ready to return to the building, they can join us on zoom on Sunday or find lots of fun videos and resources on our Children’s Ministry Instagram and Facebook.



    We thank you all for working with us to take care of each other, even when it may be inconvenient. You may not be someone who is in a vulnerable group or concerned about catching the virus, but these measures will help us to protect those who are. They only work if all of us buy in and do our part to keep each other safe. Thank you for putting the safety of our St. Paul family members first!