St. Paul has its own app available for free on both Android and Apple platforms. Just search St. Paul Largo in your preferred app store and download the app to your phone or tablet!



Download app on Apple Download app on Android


Do I Need to Log in?

You do not have to create an account to use the app. If you do create an account you can do a few additional things like sometimes when we have devotionals you can save notes etc. But if you prefer not to login, just click the Cancel link in the top left corner. 


app screenshot

How do the menus work?

The app includes a few menu options.

The home screen is made up of large tiles linking to some of most useful aspects of the app.


There is an additional menu at the top right, which looks like a tab with three lines.  Touch this tab to open the side menu with additional menu options. See below for what each option includes:

Log In: Not necessary to use the app.
About Us: Meet Our Pastors, Contact Info and basics about the church, Watch live on Sundays
Connect Card: Fill out the Connect Card online to share your attendance and needs.
Featured Events: Churchwide calendar. Includes one-time and featured events.
Giving: Make a one-time or recurring gift online
Handi Online: Watch our weekly Handi worship videos.
Messages: Watch video or listen to audio of past messages on your phone.
News: Find out the latest about what's happening at St. Paul. Our bulletin is also found here.
Prayer: Make a prayer request or check the prayer list for needs you can pray for
Thursday Thoughts: Watch Dr. Don's short weekly videos that help us grow in faith through stories, scriptures and more.
Worship Livestream: Click to access online worship at 9 and 11 AM on Sunday.
Notifications: Choose which notifications you want to receive.
App Settings: Check for new content. New content is added automatically, but if the update hasn't loaded yet, you can use this setting to check for new content.
Additional seasonal options such as sign-ups and forms are also available depending on what is happening at the church.  


The row of icons at the bottom of the app also link to useful functions. See below for what each of these icons mean. Footer Icons


When you download the app, you will have the chance to choose what type of notifications you want to receive. Default notifications include announcements or updates that affect the entire church.

You can also opt in to receive notifications about Children's Ministry, Student Ministry, or Adult Ministries.  Use the Notifications listing on the menu at top right to make changes to your choices at any time.



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