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Upgrades to Our Giving Page

09.12.19 | News | Give in Love | Announcements

    Screenshot of Giving Page

    Our online giving portal was upgraded this week to make it more user friendly and offer more giving options. This will not affect your existing account or giving history. You can continue to use your current account and password, and existing recurring payments won't be affected. You can still easily make one-time or recurring payments online via our website or app, but you'll notice a more streamlined look and additional options to make giving easier. 

    • Make a one-time gift without logging in, or create an account to open up more options. Click on "Sign In" at the top of the screen to log in. You can save payment methods, set up or edit recurring payments, and see the giving history of payments you've made through the portal. 
    • Side menus have been moved to the top of the screen. 
    • If your gift is not going toward one of the funds listed in the drop down, you can now use the comment field to let us know what your gift is for. 
    • You can now save more than one method of payment. See image above. 
    • If you're giving a gift that includes more than one fund, you can designate more funds to make gifts for multiple purposes in one payment.

     Visit the Giving Page