Confirmation challenges students to ask deep questions about the Bible, Methodist history and beliefs, and their own lives as people of faith. Confirmation marks a new phase in a student's faith formation, one in which they are starting to think about what they believe and why. 

Weekly Confirmation Sessions

These sessions will be held at 6 PM on Mondays in the Student Room. Parents are welcome to join in if they would like.

Session 1: January 23

Session 2: January 30

Session 3: February 6

Session 4: February 13

Session 5: February 20

Session 6: February 27. Confirmation Rehearsal with parents at 7:15 PM following usual meeting.

Make Up Session: Wednesday, March 1

Confirmation Sunday: MARCH 5. Confirmation will take place during 11 AM Worship on March 5


The cost for this class is $35 and include the learning materials and the Bible that each student receives.