St. Paul UMC Student Ministry’s 
Summer Retreat

Teen Valley Ranch
Plumtree, NC

Date: June 9-15
Cost: $500

Students in costume at TVR 

 Each year we take our students to Teen Valley Ranch for a week. The week at camp is filled with all kinds of fun activities such as:

zip lining into a lake
rock climbing
horseback riding
tubing down a lazy mountain river
archery and riflery
and lots more!

Each morning and evening we spend time with the Lord through devotions and worship.

 Girls on mountain looking out at the view 

This week is MUCH anticipated by our students and we have an amazing time each year. We’re joined by other churches from all over and our students get to compete on teams with a mixture of other students. For housing we keep our group together in cabins by their current grade. Don’t miss out on this opportunity for students to meet the Lord, rekindle their relationship with Him or strengthen their walk with Jesus. We’re able to take up to 50 students.

 Group of students on mountain peak

Who can attend?

Students who’ve completed grades 6-12 and are active in St. Paul UMC Student Ministry (attend Student Worship regularly in the months leading up to camp.)

payment schedule

Payments can be broken up into a monthly schedule.

Feb. 25 - $125
March 24 - $125
April 21 - $125
May 19 - $125

 Make a Payment


TVR Printable Form

St. Paul Online Form

Group of middle schoolers at TVR


Sunday, June 9

  • Meet at 6 a.m. Eat before you come or bring breakfast on the bus. (Drinks need to be in screw lid containers)
  • Road meal for lunch
  • Road meal for dinner.
  • Stay the night at Alison’s friend’s home in Davidson, NC (outside of Charlotte). There’s a pool and we’ll sleep on a gym floor.

Monday, June 10

  • Road meal for breakfast in Davidson, NC
  • Arrive in Plumtree, NC at TVR at between 11 a.m. and noon
  • Camp officially kicks off at 4p with all campers

Tue-Fri, June 11-14

  • Full days at camp

Saturday, June 15

  • Breakfast at camp and leaving for home at 6a.
  • Road meals for lunch and dinner
  • Arrive home at around 9 p.m.

 Packing List

  • Bible, pen, and notebook
  • Money for 5 road meals (3 on the way up, 2 on the way back home).
  • Money for the snack shack. You can deposit money so you don’t have to carry it. They sell candy, sodas, shirts, sweatshirts, stickers and other fun things. $25 is a good minimum.
  • Small travel bag with clothing for Sunday night-Mon morning (including bathing suit and towel if you want to swim). In this bag, include toiletries, pillow, sleeping bag, air mattress (optional). You will not have access to your suitcase at their house.
  • Sleeping bag or sheets and a blanket for cabins at TVR.
  • Pillow (and a blanket for the bus). Leave these unpacked so they can carry them on with them.
  • (2) Towels (one for water activities and one for showers)
  • Tennis shoes
  • Socks
  • Extra shoes for water activities (sport sandals are best)
  • Shower shoes/flip flops
  • Toiletries (toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, deodorant…)
  •  8-9 changes of clothes including country-themed clothes for Thursday’s rodeo (think t-shirts and sport shorts plus a few pairs of nice shirts and jeans for the evenings…our students like to dress nice for sessions…not required!) Jeans are needed for horseback riding. They are strict on clothing so no crop tops, sleeveless shirts, short shorts, or leggings.
  • Jacket/sweatshirt for cooler nights (they have them for sale there for $20 or $25 and students love these)
  • PJ’s
  • Bathing suit. Girls wear theirs under clothes for water activities. T-shirt for water activities (required for girls and guys)
  • Poncho/umbrella
  • Flashlight
  • Sunscreen
  • Sunglasses
  • Refillable water bottle
  • Trash bag for dirty/wet clothes/towels
  • Any needed regularly taken medications, inhalers, etc. We’ll turn them into the camp nurse and they’ll prompt students to take them in the a.m. and p.m.


  • Fun, themed Sloperoo clothing (students often will match with friends prior to being covered in shaving cream)
  • Goggles and ear plugs for the Sloperoo (they’ll get COVERED in shaving cream)
  • Hat for the sun and a cowboy hat for the rodeo
  • Snacks/drinks for bus ride and cabin
  • Backpack to carry water, Bible, notebook, pen…
  • Eno (name brand) or hammock to tie around trees. Students spend their free time hanging out in hammocks.
  • Chargers for phone/device. Use of these will be limited because cell service is spotty and we want students “unplugged” but they’re great for alarm clocks and playing music.
  • Recommended by our girls: hair ties, feminine products

Additional Forms & info

Insurance Form

Medications Form

Information About Camp and What to Bring

For more information about the camp and to see pictures and videos check out